Building a mason bee house workshop


Last summer I took part in SFU’s Semester in Dialogue. The topic for my semester was “Wilding Vancouver” and one of the focuses was on how the City of Vancouver was aiming to be the greenest city by 2020. I documented some of the trips and experiences on another website I created for the class at I had always wanted to do take part in some of the green initatives and that opportunity came yesterday. I was at a party this past week and my classmate, also a former dialogue student in another semester, introduced me to two fellow alumni who had received a grant from the City of Vancouver to do a little community project they had thought up, planned and proposed. 


The link to the site is here:



The organizers set up a free workshop in a community center in East Van where anyone could stop by, build a mason bee house (no bees included), paint it and then bring it home or donate it to a local community garden. 


In spirit of the green project I rode my bike (as I should do more often) to the community centre and started sanding, building, and painting. Here are some shots of Jenny and Shannon building their own house. 


I wasn’t very good at decorating so I let Jenny design the flowers. 


That’s Rachelle, me and one of the organizers Breanna, all former dialogue students in different semesters, holding up our finished product. I didn’t have a garden to put my bee house in so it went home to Jenny’s parents who will set it up in their yard. 


I didn’t get a photo of the other events happening at the community centre but there was an army of canners canning tomatoes next door. It looked like a lot of fun. And surrounding the community centre were little vegetable gardens. I took a shot of the kale for you to see. mmm kale. haha

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