School’s out

I’m finally done my last assignment for my last class in my last semester. That nagging feeling of having to study or write is over. It’s only been a few days but I feel strange not having anything to do with my new found free time. 


Fortunately, I decided a few weeks ago to train for a marathon. I’ve done halfs but not yet a full and I think if I put half as much committment into running as I did with school I’d probably be able to do it. So as not to change my mind, I signed up for the Running Room clinic at Denman and the Vancouver Marathon in spring. I’m going to have to take advantage of how close I am to the seawall and Stanley park. I’m dusting off my trusty Garmin and sexy (not!) running tights and starting my running….tonight! Need to put some mileage on these shoes!


I’ve also linked a map of what it looks like when you attach a GPS to my dog. 

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