Virtually ‘there’


I went to see Ben and Mayu and their kids the other day. I also saw Ryan’s family this past week. It makes me of what dating 4.0 is now like with skype, facetime and other easy modes of video chats. Visiting friends this year is a little different without Ryan but he’s there in spirit for some of them. 


This is Ben, Mayu and their beautiful kids.


Not to be outdone by her big sister also strikes a few good poses. She’s just smitten with everything her big sister does.


The older one is also quite the photographer now. Here is some of her work and her in action. If only the camera wasn’t over %40 of her body weight.



The girls are also interested in shiny expensive things… As you can see she’s already getting to know my favourite author: Prada… 😉 Poor Ben is going to have to forget about early retirement if she continues her interests at this rate.


I love these girls!


I also went for dinner the other night with Ryan’s mom, Troy, Wade and Amanda. We were going to use Facetime on our iPhones to stream him in for dinner but there was no wifi. Fortunately, Ryan’s mom brought a 12 inch cut out of him and stood him up on the seat so he was ‘there’ for dinner. 

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