Beachy Days


I guess I should include some of the obligatory beach shots from Cayman. Never gets old right? Don’t answer that. 


One of my favourite things to do down there is swim in the sea with Ryan. I love being held in the water and carried around and got Ryan to do just that. He carried me down the stretch of the beach making caveman grunting noises to indicate his dominance.


I’ve also been smitten with a particular Ryan Gosling scene and demanded Ryan recreate it. It’s based on the dirty dancing scene where Patrick Swayze lifts up Jennifer Grey over his head while “Time of Your Life” plays in the background. Ryan gave in to my demand and picked me up a-la-Swayze with his Ryan charm. You can see from the above that it went over as best it could with Ryan being Ryan in his typical fashion.


I thought after all his hard work I should return the favour.


So I carried him around for a while much to his delight. Taking turns wearing the pants right?

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