‘Tis the season

I was the corporate photographer for Ryan’s company Christmas party this past week. We had it at Pappagallos restaurant which is my favourite restaurant on the island. The food is a great mix of Italian Caribbean. It was also in celebration of the launch of a few products they are in charge of launching hence the “.hiphop” and “.sexy” photos. Ryan’s boss had a mixologist concoct a few drinks in their honour. You soon can own a domain name with .hiphop or .sexy instead of .com.

The company has exploded in size this past year. Where last year you could squeeze the entire company around a dining table, this year we needed the entire restaurant to squeeze in the 80+ guests (including significant others). It felt like a real company Christmas party which is so strange after all these years of being such a small company. Everyone was dressed up, glowing and looking absolutely stunning. I had to share a few shots of the guests.

There was even a very well done secret santa exchange amongst everyone. Ryan guessed whose his was from immediately from the wrapping paper. If you look at his Facebook photo, you’ll find an awful photo of him in a moustache from a few years ago. Dan, his secret santa, printed it out onto wrapping paper and proceeded to cover his gift with that photo.


Here are a few shots of Ryan’s new team. As you can see the girls are outnumbered here.

Some shots of Ryan and his California team. And Frank and Dan.

Some of the guys went up and gave speeches that evening. It was quite heartfelt to see how amazed they were at the growth and how much they enjoyed working with one another. I can tell this will be a very close-knit group of employees.

And finally some end-of-the-nighter hugs, handshakes and awkward brotherly stares.

Oh and me and Sarah! She’s my ‘crap my foot’s numb after 5 hours in heels what do I do now?’ lifeline! My middle and ring toe were numb the following day (and today) and I was dreading the medical bill to see a doctor, a specialist and a possible MRI on it. Fortunately Sarah’s a podiatrist back home so she was able to assure me that I just needed a few days in proper footwear. Phewf.


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