What’s that in the vent?

Ryan and I were walking down the hall in his apartment complex just now and I happened to be staring up at the ceiling (as my head is always in the clouds) when I noticed two bulging fangs in the a/c vent. Not an everyday occurrence here. There was this huge mean looking critter half hanging out. Wanting to get a closer look but too scared to stick our fingers in the vent, we decided to get our (literally) resident entomologist a few doors down to take a look. We knocked on Vanessa’s door and told her we needed her expertise and proceeded to describe the creature in the vents. Her eyes lit up. She said “Wait a minute” and rushed upstairs to get her lab tongs, specimen jar and bug tent — yes bug tent — they exist and she is obviously never without them in case of events like this. She was very excited to inspect the creature hoping it was still alive. Unfortunately for her (fortunately for us) it was dead. Here are some shots of it.

What's that in the vent?And a shot of her bug tattoos. She’s quite passionate about them and we’re thankful to have her fish out big scary looking bugs from our building!

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