Dear May…

I got a sweet message from Sylvia about a week ago in response to my post about her. I’ve inspired her to start a gratitude journal and in turn she inspired me to start doing something I hadn’t thought of doing before which was to keep a journal of goals and what my measures of success were. These measures change over time and it would be great to document them. I love making lists, plans of action and writing in my journal but how i measure success was something I had never thought of.

I was feeling pretty exhausted from my last trip in Germany and decided to take a break and re-focus on my thesis again so I am back in Cayman working on it.

Here are my goals and reminders:

1) Complete writing thesis by Dec 31st, 2013 and defend by April 30, 2014

2) To remind myself that while I may derive happiness from others, it should not come from one person, achievement or thing. Spread it out and get it from everyday encounters

3) Become more courageous in my personal, activist and academic life. Fight for what I believe in and fight for myself more frequently

4) Worry less and focus more on the present. Enjoy it now, you’ve learned that the beautiful moments this past year may never come again so enjoy it now.

5) Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ and call your boundaries and stand your ground. Don’t rationalize circumstances just to please someone. Put yourself first more and stop second guessing your worth. You’re smarter, braver, and more beautiful than you think you are. I have letters, emails and notes from all your friends to prove it. So read them and remind yourself on how great you are. Celebrate it and accept the applause.

6) Keep dreaming big and having grand plans. It’s what draws people to you and it’s what fuels the fire inside you that attracts so many people to you.

7) Touch toes…


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