Appenzell Alps, Switzerland

DSC_1089Kendra and Judy took me up to the Swiss Alps while I was in Switzerland. We went up a gondola to the Sänti peak where we walked about the peak and had coffee. Not a bad place to hang out.

After that, we went over to the Schwagalp to take a peek at their famous cheese shop at the bottom of the mountain.


We then went over to Urnasch to take a look at the local historical museum of the area. Winter rituals run deep in this town. During the winter festival, the locals dress up in traditional costume and brave sometimes -20c weather walking several kilometers in the middle of the night to celebrate this long-standing traditional ritual.

No doubt Switzerland is a beautiful country. The idyllic hills and breathtaking greenery along the countryside blew me away. And the traditional Swiss homes, I hope I can come back in the winter for the full winter experience.

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