Zurich, Switzerland




Since I’m working on losing the Type A in me I also have to stop the necessity to post things in chronological order. I was in London for a few days but that post will come another time. I am in Switzerland now and at a very good time. Every 3 years the city hosts a huge festival full of music, food, rides, fireworks and entertainment. This weekend drew over 2.3 million visitors to the city and the party went on till 7am. This is a rare shot of an empty street on Sunday. I can assure you the rest of the city was not like that.

Kendra, my host, took me on the ferry on Lake Zurich into town on Sunday and I got to see the city in full form.

It’s a picturesque town.

And the view at the top of the hills are equally as spectacular. We will be exploring the mountains in the coming days so more to come. After being away from my own mountains for a month (less actually) I’m really happy to see them again…

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