Mark and the SFU Mexico Field School


My good friend Mark got married this past weekend. This is us with some of the Mexico group.

I I met mark in Mexico in 2010. We were part of a group of 20 (17 girls and 3 guys) students from SFU on a field school during the 2010 Olympics. I remember meeting Rachelle on the plane ride down to Mexico and sharing a cab with her and Zorn, another student,  into Guadalajara. None of us spoke any Spanish and our driver got lost trying to find our way to the hostel. It was an exciting time. Mark was the social coordinator, photographer and extremely friendly Canadian of the bunch. He was always open to trying new things and open to exploring.

When Rachelle and I arrived to our hostel, we discovered that we were the last two girls to the hostel therefore we were left with the only two beds — the coffins (okay they were trundles) — the pull out drawer underneath the bottom bunk bed. My sack of earplugs and scarf over my face saved me on that trip. Being in the middle of the floor with 8 sets of feet surrounding and on top of my bed didn’t keep me from sleeping like a log. Rachelle’s trundle was in the other room and she took sleeping in those cramped and crappy quarters equally as cooly. It was over the next two weeks that I got to really become good friends with Rachelle and Mark who were some of the most easy going people I had ever met. Both were sincere and could roll with the punches as they came along. I knew we were making memories and friendships but I didn’t know it would be to the extent and wonderfulness (I don’t care if it’s not a word) that I have with them now. The wedding was beautiful and I teared up during the ceremony. Getting to watch Angela come down the aisle and Mark getting to marry the love of his life felt pretty amazing.

This couple is also pretty amazing. I’m sure they’ll have an equally awesome wedding 😉

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