Christmas in Cayman 2012


Merry Christmas everyone!


Ryan, the dog and I spent the morning driving out to Rum Point and Cayman Kai for Christmas Day. We stopped by Tukka, formerly Portofino, for lunch and explored several beaches out in the East End. I wasn’t feeling very Christmas-y that day and totally felt disappointed but my spirits lifted later on that day when I realized that I wouldn’t have had Christmas any other way than spending it with my two loves: Ryan and the dog.


After our long drive we headed to the beach for a swim in the sea where I finally filmed the dog swimming. We bumped into Ying, Quintin, and their girlfriends there and hung out for a bit which was nice. After the beach we skype called Ryan’s parents. Heres a photo of Ryan’s dad opening up his gift from us. It was just like we were there and that felt really good. I’m so thankful for high-speed internet and video chat. 


After the beach the 6 of us headed to Papagallos for Christmas dinner complete with turkey, stuffing, and all the trimmings. We got some photos with one of the resident parrots, Humphrey Bogart.


After dinner, we went over to Yings to build our gingerbread house and men. I got everyone to take part in a secret santa exchange as well but I think we all had more fun making the gingerbread men. 


You can probably figure out which ones were made by the guys and which ones were made by the girls. 


Here are the guys and girls holding up their creations. 


Vern sitting next to the Christmas tree Ryan ‘assembled’ with stickers. I think we’ll hold on to this tree for next year. 

And finally (saving the best for last) below is my first homemade video of our Christmas day at the beach. Enjoy!

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