Awkward family photos


We’re all down in Cayman together now. It’s been a while… almost 2 years? Like a fish to water, the dog jumped right back into the water chest first as if nothing had changed. He loves going out to buoys to bark at them and then swimming back to me — such a brave little dog. Today we brought a few tennis balls and toys to toss in the water as well as bought him a little surf board to sit in. Vern is the darling of the beach when we take him out now. 


Roy kindly took some awakward family photos for us. 


Dog was pretty confident up on the board. Didn’t fall off once!


How adorable is that? I watched him doggy paddle underwater for a while with my goggles on. It was the cutest thing ever watching his paws peddle. 


Not much else to say now other than the weather is nice and I’m procrastinating from my paper quite nicely.


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