Saturday night


Shannon’s sister-in-law was in town so about 10 of us went out Saturday night for sushi at Hapa in Yaletown. I had to pick up Ryan from the airport later on that night otherwise I would have loved to stay longer and enjoy the new company. 


I’m not normally a big fan of eating out Saturday nights preferring weeknights because most places are just packed and service is tempermental during the weekend rush. As a result when I pick a restaurant for a large group I’m hesitant to choose one purely for food because service makes up a huge part of the whole experience. I’ve come to rely on a good few that I know can manage large crowds and I think it pays off in the end in terms of letting the hosts enjoy the night with their friends. I knew Hapa was used to large groups but hadn’t experienced it first hand and so wasn’t sure if they would be able to handle the large group. They impressed me last night and managed to pull it off so I’ll definitely be back. We all seem to look like we had a good time =)

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