Normally I do my cleaning on Sundays but now that I’ve got some weekdays off I do it before hand. The great thing about nice Sunday mornings is that I can take the dog out for extra long walks and today was no different. We started at my usual Siegel’s Bagels and then walked to the water in Kits. It’s one of my favourite neighbourhoods and parks in Vancouver. I love the tree lined streets, the museums and the proximity to Granville Island. I think if I ever move again I’ll move to Kits. I thought I’d take Ying’s wide angle lens out for a spin since it’s been heavily neglected this past year. Here are some shots of my walk this morning. 


Fall is my favourite season. I love this view of the sidewalk littered in fallen leaves. 


My dog model for the day hamming it up for the camera no less.


The sunset was really nice last night so I had to take a shot of the view from my place to share as well. 


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