I’ve been trying to hike more often this summer and though Ryan and I didn’t get to do as many as we would have liked, we still did a few. I did the Grouse Grind for the first time this year, twice! And we also did a short one up on Seymour Mountain and up in Whistler which was nice. 


I’ve been experimenting more in the kitchen now that the weather is cooler. I made ice cream using my Vita-Mix with just frozen strawberries, bannas and coconut milk. I’m really impressed with what the Vita-Mix can produce. It’s a powerful machine. It can also grind up grains to make flour as well which is kind of cool. I might pulse some oats to make oat flour and even try whole wheat flour too. 


The other great thing about cooler days in my apartment is that I can bake and roll out pie crusts. I tried a new tart shell recipe which uses less butter than my normal pate brisee, didn’t taste as good and buttery unfortunately. Will be sticking to Martha Stewart’s tried and true recipe until I can be convinced otherwise.

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