Baking, biking


There’s a bit of a lull between semesters right now so I’ve got time to bake leisurely. I made Magnolia Bakery’s vanilla vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting. It was delicious. Ryan took some shots of my baking action. It’s finally a little cool enough to bake as well so I’ve got a lot on my “to-bake” list. 


Yesterday I went to visit my friend for breakfast across downtown and decided to bike there. It was so nice not having to wait for the bus or walk so I suggested to Ryan that we do it today. This morning we decided to ride our bikes to breakfast at Siegel’s Bagels instead of drive and I was happy for that. The weather is cool enough and we work off enough calories to balance the carb-guilt of bagels.  


Afterwards we took the long way home around the seawall thru Olympic Village.



 We stopped at Terra Breads for coffee and then made our way home. 


Ryan decided to do some jumps along the way.


It was a great Saturday morning.

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