Cooling off


We went to Ryan’s dad’s for a bbq this past weekend in Abbotsford after our trip to Hope. It cooled down quite nicely. I’m a cool weather person. Hot weather is just too uncomfortable for me. The mosquitos were out in force for a little while but disappeared pretty quickly. It might have to do with the mosquito repellent and fans. Not sure which one did the trick but I’m glad for them. 


It’s been a little too hot to ride our bikes so on the first cloudy day we hopped on them and rode to Cafe Medina to get some lavender lattes and breakfast Sunday. It was so nice using the bike lanes downtown. I’m hoping to use them more often this fall. 


We also went to a nearby park in Coal Harbour in the afternoon with the dog. I love the water feature here. It’s off the seawall but you wouldn’t really notice it unless you drifted off the path and knew where you were going. It’s a nice quiet space off a busy walkway.


Vern cools off by looking cool…

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