Walks and baths


Today was a good Saturday. We woke up relatively early and got our usual weekend morning breakfast bagels at Siegel’s in Kits. The morning bagel is a fresh-out-of-the-oven bagel with beef salami, egg and cheese. They also have a very good salmon lox with cream cheese.


In the afternoon we got lunch and walked the long way home along the seawall. I love the flowers and trees in full summer bloom even though my allergies prevent me from smelling much.



In the evening, I took the dog to Ambleside again, this time with Ryan. And this time he swam in the ocean several times to fetch a piece of driftwood Ryan was tossing in the water. 


Unfortunately he also got very sandy which resulted in bathtime. The expression on his face is a good indicator of what he thinks of bath time.


He’s plotting something by the looks of it…

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