Ambleside Park, West Vancouver


The dog had been bugging me all afternoon looking for someone to play with so of course I felt bad and had to take him out. 


Ryan and I discovered a nice big off-leash dog park at Ambleside last summer and today Sabine and I brought our dogs for the evening. It’s one of the nicest and largest off-leash areas in the Lower Mainland. Theres a beach area for swimming and a nice trail along the water with a spectacular view of downtown, the Lions Gate bridge, Stanley Park and the stretch all the way to UBC. We grabbed some takeout from the grocery store and had it at the park. 



This is Sabine and her dog Doo Doo. 


They were fed some chicken by hand so of course Sabine is Vern’s new best friend.


The dog is now passed out exhausted on the couch from his little excursion. I hope we can go again soon and more frequently. 

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