Summer. Summer? Summer!


There haven’t been a lot of posts because there hasn’t been much going on aside from Ryan working and I reading 7 days a week. We do have the dog to keep us going outside daily. He keeps me company while I’m studying. 


Sometimes we change it up and work outside at the coffee shop.


Or up to campus. 


And once in a while I go to the library. As you can see, grad school is pretty hard, especially when I forget to bring a bottle opener to the library.


Ryan and I got dolled up to go out for a nice dinner once since he’s been back. 


He’s not too thrilled with the cool summer weather hence the scarf.


I got to see my professor Bob at the pub not too long ago while the sun was out. It was the first time I was on a patio this summer in Vancouver — very nice.


Some park photos. 


And to close, a shot of the dog at the office working hard. 

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