Food pornography…I mean photography

After sitting neglected in my drawer, I finally decided on a whim to use Ying’s 35mm lens and oh my god…. Look at this!!! I’m also using his big honkin’ flash attachment too. For the past few years I’ve been reading food blogs religiously – mostly to look at the photos of food. How did they make it look so good? Saturday and Sunday mornings were my favourite. I’d get up before Ryan and surf through food blogs for hours and hours in bed until he woke up and then look at me like a freak. It was an unhealthy obsession. I’ve finally decided to start taking my own photos for fun and so here is a little bit if what I’ve produced so far this evening. 


Lemon bundt cake


Kale, fennel, orange and granny smith salad


Plain banana muffins…


But wait! There’s something inside…yes, nutella in the middle. A nice surprise and no messy fingers. 


Now if only I could make people look as delicious as this food hmmm?

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