My transcript tells a story

This is a snippet from my grad application: 

Past Academic Performance

As with many young adults entering their first year, I had little direction or guidance in navigating my way through university. The journey in my case took a little longer than most making me a ‘late bloomer’ in this regard. Whether it was time or serendipity, I found my passion in studying tax evasion and protest concurrently at work and through a communications course taken at SFU. This passion was developed further due to the pedagogical support I had from professors who saw a ‘diamond in the rough’ and encouraged me to pursue this interest.

If my transcript had the ability to tell a story it would be this: Oftentimes the greatest potential can be had by those who experience some of the greatest adversities. I received very little early attention and my academic performance lagged; but later as a result of a little encouragement I developed exponentially. My work ethic, critical thinking abilities and writing skills have developed immensely both academically and professionally and I hope it is showcased through my writing samples, references and submission.

This transcript represents mediocrity at first but then progresses to represent the compelling difference that can be wrought in an individual through the encouragement of a few great professors in the School of Communication – it is why I want to continue this pursuit at SFU. Their support and encouragement led me to pursue and complete my Honours in communication despite my poor past academic performance. In being admitted into the Honours program without having the pre-requisite minimum cumulative GPA, I committed deeply to achieving something I had never thought I would be able to do: An ‘A’ average for the duration of my undergraduate career in order to graduate with the Honours designation. The past two years, I have achieved a close to 4.0 average – previously, a near impossible feat in my and many minds. This transcript, in short, is a testament to my ability and commitment to producing excellent work at the graduate level. The most powerful argument I have to present to you as to my abilities is through the story of my transcript. 



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