The office


The guys are well fed at the office. This is a tiny snippet of the snacks layed out on the counter – there’s more in the cupboards and in the fridge. Fortunately there are healthier snacks in the mix. Ryan isn’t a big eater and tells me he snacks on raw almonds and date bars. Riiight. Who eats the snickers, m&ms, oreos and kit kats then?!? There’s enough chocolate in – breadth and quantity – to quell an army full of PMSing/hormonal women in here. 


There is no shortage of TVs and monitors here so I borrowed one of the monitors to edit some photos while I was there. My laptop screen feels so inadequate compared to that monster. I could not believe the difference it made in editing photos. 


Note the kittens on his desktop background. 


Note the kitten on the couch 😉 hahahaha…kidding!

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