Sabine’s perspective


I stumbled on some of Sabine’s photos on my computer today. It was delightful – yes delightful – to see the photos she took compared to mine. I’m so used to certain things that I forget to capture other things that round out an experience. So here is a more panoramic experience of Cayman through some of her photos. 


Everytime I land, I make a beeline for Jamaican patties at the Tortuga Rum Cake factory only because they are always fresh and hot out of the oven. It’s the first and last stop I make whenever I’m in Cayman and it was no different for Sabine. At 3 pm we line up with the construction guys, locals and school kids waiting for their Tastee (brand) patties with the optional coco bun and soursop or guava punch. We also had some Jamaican food at the local cafe, Captains Bakery. Oxtail, rice and beans, and plaintains…one of my favourites.


The newest development on the island is Camana Bay. It houses the big accounting firms, rental condos, a movie theater, bookstore, shops and a few hip restaurants. It’s also got an observation tower where you can get a view of the island. It’s a great view and you do get to see quite a bit as the island is flat as a pancake (aside from the garbage dump which is the highest point on the island). 


I am slathering the SPF 60 on myself. Ryan complains that all I have to do is look at the sun and I’m tanned. He is still pale as a ghost by the way even though he’s been there since September. Though it’s mostly his fault because he’s always glued to his computer. 


Here are some shots from the stingray city trip. Sabine, like many of the guests, was terrified of the stingray. I kept tell
ing her they were docile and like the cows of the ocean but she wouldn’t have any of it. When one of the crew brought one towards her she started screaming and flailing her arms in all directions only to dive into another area full of stingrays. She kept the crowd entertained. =). The boat crew had their own photographer on board with an underwater/waterproof rig for their camera. I asked how much it was and she told me $1500 – that’s not even for the camera!! I won’t be getting one of those anytime soon. 

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