Sabine in Cayman


Sabine came down at a good time. The weather was great, we ate a lot and she got to pet stingrays. We even got in some snorkelling.


Driving in Cayman is on the left side of the road and there are mostly roundabouts. Half the cars on the road have the steering wheel on the left and the other half on the right. The only real bother about it is going to drive-thrus. Other than that, its kind of comical looking seeing drivers on both sides all over the road. I borrowed Ryan’s car while he was working and took Sabine through to Georgetown and other places during the day. I was surprised at how quickly I eased into driving on the left side again. 


We had a lot of pina coladas and frozen blender drinks. 


We covered a lot of ground on the island. The catamaran to Rum Point and Stingray City was probably the highlight.


And I think we ate pretty well. 


Here is a rare photo of Sabine with a drink. She didn’t actually drink it though. She’s not a drinker so she even makes me look like an alcoholic. Until next time Sabine. Ryan and I are glad you came.

The rest of the photos are above or here:

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