Weekend happy hour and Sunday run


9Rodneys Oyster House has happy hour on Saturdays (as does Joe Fortes) so Ben, Mayu, their kids and I went over there Saturday afternoon for oysters and other seafood. I almost forgot that this was where Ryan and I had our first date. We haven’t been here together in years! Will have to go back when he’s in Vancouver again.


This morning I went for a 14km run with the Running Room from Denman through Stanley Park, over Burrard bridge, around Kits Beach and back. It was supposed to be 13km but we ended up doing an extra km. It was so enjoyable having a large group to run with. I used to run with the Broadway Running Room and there weren’t as many people so I was used to depending on my Garmin for pace. I had to send my watch in to get a new battery so was thankful that the Denman Running Room had pace bunnies (run leaders) who kept the pace the entire run — how luxurious! I took a few shots of my group while running and during out walk breaks. 


It was a little icy and snowy in some parts. But other parts were just gorgeous. If you ever get the chance to go running downtown, you’ll notice all of the run clubs have at least a Sunday morning run and today they were all out in full force. We passed by hundreds of people in their pace groups. You could have mistaken the seawall for a race route that morning.  The above photo was taken while we were on a quick break at Kits beach before our turn around. What a beautiful morning for a run. The weather was great and best of all — no rain!


After the run I decided to do some baking. The New York Times had an article a while back on the perfect chocolate chip cookie. I think the best chocolate chip cookies must be eaten warm out of the oven — t’s a religious experience. The journalist, in search for the perfect recipe (awesome job), gathered knowledge from some of the best bakers in the US and beyond and found a few key elements. The most intriguing thing was the fact that they all reccommended the dough sit in the fridge to meld (kind of like how a stew gets better with age) for precisely 36 hours. I made my batch of dough this morning and will report on it soon. I recall making this recipe a few years ago and remembering how good it was. Here’s the link http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/09/dining/09chip.html?ref=dining


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