Ryans brother Wade and his girlfriend Amanda came down to spend NYE with us. Ying was enroute to Cayman and came down to hang out with us as well. Ryan took this photo with his phone while we were out in Hollywood for lunch. I couldn’t think of a caption for it but we could totally pretend to be part of some bad reality tv show. 


The day before new years we went to Newport Beach to go shopping at Fashion Island. It’s a gigantic outdoor mall with just about every store you can imagine. We all picked up some stylish duds here and there for everyone. I found this sweater at Forever 21 for Ryan in the mens section for $25. I love the patches! Ryan was just happy to have his starbucks. We did go shopping in the other areas as well with my favourite store being Fred Segal. It’s this big ivy covered non-descript looking building. When you walk inside, it’s a series of mini sections like rooms in a home for men, women, shoes and so on. There’s even a cafe to take a break before getting lost again in the maze of stores. 



I convinced Ryan to get some blue suede shoes back in New York however they were out of his size. Fortunately they were available here. Ying got Ryan to buy these Pumas by Alexander McQueen. There’s even an alleged puma tooth hanging from the shoe…that adds $50 to the price tag right?


We went to the Canucks vs. Kings game at Staples Center in downtown LA for NYE. Tickets were half the price of Vancouver and half the stadium was filled with Canucks fans. My tickets said row 3 however upon arrival we were surprised to find that they were front row seats–directly behind the Kings bench. The novelty faded off pretty quickly for Ryan because the GM and coach were blocking our view the entire time. I was more interested in staring at the hockey players anyway. What makes them so hot? They’re like the firemen of pro sports.

The game was over at 10pm so we decided to celebrate the new year in our hotel room. My cold was in its early stages so I had a pretty hard time staying up. We were entertained by Amanda’s drunkeness though.


Our small hotel had a bar with an enthusiastic bartender who served absinthe. He prided the bar in being only one of two in LA to serve it ‘the real way’. It was quite the show watching the liquid drip on to the sugar cube and having it set on fire. It’s not easy getting Ryan to pose nicely for the camera. He’s probably sick of me taking photos of him by now.


I got some hats in LA.


Us on NYE


Amanda getting herself aquainted with the bed and me enjoying my hat

One thought on “Entourage

  1. Really like Ryan’s new kicks. I might have to order myself a pair, I think we live far enough from each other now that its unlikely we’ll run into each other wearing the same shoes. Even though I took the pictures, I just noticed that in the sequence of photos of you and Ryan on NYE you are actually about to dump champagne on Ryan’s head! As always awesome blogging! Makes me want to start one someday.

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