The first run is the hardest???I hope

I’m getting over a cold and had to go to my first marathon clinic this evening. I didn’t expect to do the 6km tempo run but ended up doing it not thinking it would be that bad. It was drizzling steadily outside and a little chilly. After the first KM I felt like my lungs were burning. I’ve been coughing and have been congested the past few days and am pretty sure whatever was in my lungs came out throughout the run. I’m pretty sure I looked like a rabid drooling dog most of the time. Fortunately most people don’t look very pretty when they run — constipated even? I have proof below from my half marathon a few years ago. The photos somehow tricked me into wistfully signing up for the Vancouver Marathon and a clinic. Damn you nostalgia. 

One of the pace leaders saved my poor soul. I was dead last and thinking “what the hell was I thinking?” when he started running beside me. I’m so thankful because I would have quit right there if I was alone. He stayed with me the entire time talking to me and making me envision my tempo, the crowds and getting past the little hills. One of the worst things about running in the rain is the spongy feeling you get in your feet during a run. Wet feet drive me crazy. I pushed through it, though I’m certain there was a little ego in there. I kept tricking my mind to think about how close the Granville bridge was even though I knew it was only Burrard. The marathon clinic requires you to run 5 days a week. This is the schedule below. Tomorrow is a 10km run, my god… what have I gotten myself into? I will be documenting this journey and hopefully will get through it. 


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