I really shouldn’t…


I really shouldn’t be blogging right now because I’m just slammed with work left, right, centre, above and below…but I think this blog is a little cathartic right now for me. Not that anything interesting has been happening lately with my being locked in my apartment working, studying and reading but I wanted to share the bits of everyday life that we often forget to cherish — like a good sunny day or a good wholesome meal. 


I normally like cooking a few times a week so that I can just re-heat during the weekday and have found my saviour in the humble turkey breast. It lasts me a good 5-6 meals and I’ve found that kale and swiss chard salads, with apples and fennel hold up well for 3 days in the fridge DRESSED (meaning the oil and vinegar doesn’t seem to break it down into a mushy goop). I’ve been eating this exact same plate for the past 4 days. I added some olives and a side of soup to mix it up today – I know, wild. 


When I find I like something I usually continue having it for days and days straight until I get sick of it. I think this is a personality thing because I just noticed my shoes…. um… does someone want to give me a psychological synopsis or something? I love my Asics Kayanos and have 2 pairs in rotation with a third brand new pair in storage just in case..I don’t know, they stop making the shoe or I decide to run 500km/month? I also picked up 2 more pairs of Tom’s shoes too as you can see. I guess when I like something I stick to it for a very long time and get multiple back-ups!


Okay back to work…at least the view is nice…

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