Date night


New York happens to be the halfway point for Ryan and I now so I suspect we will be meeting there often in the future. I had actually decided to cancel the entire trip the night before because I was having panic attacks about my upcoming midterm, assignment and grad school/grant applications. Fortunately I woke up the morning-of and came to my senses before Ryan cancelled the flight. Note to self- SLEEP ON IT.


We met Dave (the guy we met at Cayman Cookout the previous year) in Hoboken, NJ for lunch and hunted down a cannoli shop. He wanted to see Cake Boss Bakery, the one from TLC but the lineup was a little too long. I can’t believe I’ve never had a cannoli by the way. It’s the mascarpone cheesecakey filling that’s so good. 


The one thing that I did manage to squeeze in though were some visits to food places on my list like Shake Shack and Spotted Pig.


That evening, his sister took us around SoHo and the Meatpacking District for a few drinks as Dave had to drive to Upstate New York for a week-long farm-to-table butchering class. I don’t know if I could watch the slaughtering of a pig but I have a great deal of respect for those who want to find out where their food really comes from. 


I did get a good chunk of studying done but unfortunately didn’t really fully appreciate the city as much as I would have liked because the time I would have spent planning my trip was spent studying. I hope it pays off, I’ll find out next week when my marks come out. 


Anyways, back to working on assignments, grad school applications and grant proposals. I will be holed up in my apartment for the next week. 


Oh and check out this chex rice krispy square I found at a coffee shop in NY, less marshmallowy sweetness but all of the good chewyness. I’ll have to make this at home. 

One thought on “Date night

  1. Ryans always looks so excited. Never been to New York what is it like? Cuba was okay, Hotel wasn’t as good as we remembered it.

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