Self-serve waffles

Ryan and I are up at SFU this weekend for some reading. Since no other places are open on the weekend on campus, we head over to the rez cafeteria to get some coffee. After paying for the coffee we head over to the sugar station to assemble the coffee and I do a double-take at THIS ABOMINATION!!!


Is this the new or breakfast version of the nacho machine where you help yourself to unlimited waffles and syrup in the morning in replacement of that orange goopy cheese? I’m disgusted and intrigued both at the same time. I must bring someone up here to try it for me. Has anyone else seen something like this anywhere else? Any other weird self-serve machines out there? And more importantly, do you think anyone has tried to waffle-ize other things like sandwiches, cookie dough or mac n’ cheese? Totally reminds of of the blog Waffle-izer whose primary question is: “Will it Waffle?” 


One thought on “Self-serve waffles

  1. May, life has been too good to you.If you had stayed at any 2-star’ish level hotels in the US recently, you would have seen these contraptions. Very low brow waffle batter, but the rotating waffle iron is brilliant! It is the key to airy, crunchy waffles.I’d buy one for sure if wasn’t such a massive hog for counter space.

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