Joel Penkman


I was browsing Etsy a month ago looking for some artwork for my walls and found some food art. Why hadn’t I thought of this earlier?! At first I thought I wanted flowers but then determined by way of stomach that I would DEFINITELY enjoy these much more on a daily basis. Ryan approved of the krispy kreme donuts and I liked the biscuits in a line. I ordered them from the artist, Joel Penkman, and within a week I had the prints delivered from the UK. As much as I would have loved the original paintings (at £1100) I thought this might travel a little easier and cost a tad less. 


Once I got them in the mail I brought them over to DeSerres to have them professionally framed and now I have to decide where I want them on my wall. Even better, the other day I was looking through Food and Wine Magazine and saw one of his paintings (popsicle) featured in them. Great minds think alike right? 😉

Get some of his prints and paints here:


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