Ryan’s Bon Voyage


Ryan is leaving Canada in a few weeks to start work in Cayman. In order to give him a proper send-off, I organized a bon voyage for him. 17 of his family and close friends got together for one final send-off at Goldfish Restaurant in Yaletown. The food and service was exceptional. I mean – WOW -. There were alot of different tastes, dietary restrictions and levels of food adventurism in the group so I had to find somewhere that could cater to everyones needs and Goldfish really fit the bill. Ryan’s dad had raw tuna and calamari for the first time that night! We had the dinner done ‘family style’ in large platters where everyone could help themselves to things they liked and didn’t like. 


I also had a photobooth brought in so that we could all capture photos to put in a scrapbook for Ryan to remember us all by. Every guest brought a prop for the booth that was Cayman themed and it worked out great. Ryan’s mom even brought a cut-out of the dog so he would be included in the photos. 


I will post the photobooth photos soon but here are some shots taken from my camera at Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/63196607@N06/


I would definitely recommend booking Goldfish again for anyone with a large party. It was the best group dinner I’d ever had at a restaurant. Food, service, attention to detail and follow-up were totally flawless.



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