Darien’s 10th birthday


It was my nephew Darien’s 10th birthday dinner today and we went to Imperial Court in Richmond. My sister had her wedding dinner there and we go there often for the food. It’s very reasonably priced, service is good and the food is consistently good. Here are some photos of dinner with the family

 This is my little sister Nicola next to my dad. 


 This is my youngest brother Jeremy, next to Darien and my brother-in-law.

Sandy my older sister to the right


Some photos of the food.


And more photos of the food. 


Since we’ll be out of town for Christmas this year we combined Darien’s birthday and Christmas gift into one. Gone are the days of lego, star wars and action figures; electronics pave the way. He was grinning from ear to ear when we pulled out his gift…I’m sure any 10 year old would be too. Welcome to the double digit club Darien! You’re only 10 once! 



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