I’m pretty fortunate in that every weekend is a long weekend for me. I work 40 hours over 4 days or 10-hour days so that I can take Mondays or Fridays off.  Because we still had tidying up to do from our move we stayed in-town and I forced Ryan to go out Sunday in order to get some groceries. It’s getting harder and harder to peel him away from work.


We started off with brunch at Au Petite Cafe, an 
award winning Vietnamese restaurant on Main and 33rd. They have the best hot sandwiches in town: https://www.aupetitcafe.com/authentic/Welcome.html


After that we went to the Richmond Farm Market out by Steveston. Ben introduced this place to me last year and it’s the best one I’ve found in the lower mainland. Berries are totally in season as you can see. I’ve never seen transparent apples before, I bought a bunch to see how they taste.


We also stopped by a blueberry farm in Richmond. This 20lb box came from a place across the street from Richmond Auto Mall on Westminster Hwy just a block East. It’s got a sign that says “Uncle Jack’s Blueberry Farm”. I bought them from him last year and they were really good.


Ryan looking thrilled to the addition of more berries (as if the 30lbs of strawberries a few weeks ago wasn’t enough).


And here is my cream cheese blueberry pound cake. Smells amazing… my co-workers will be happy with it tomorrow. I might turn it into a trifle with some fresh whipped cream and blueberries – yum.


Update: I just made some whipped cream from scratch and pudding and let Ying and Ryan try it. They liked it. So I had some when I got back and wow… the crumb is really dense,lemony and cream cheesy. Ryan really liked the crust which was a bit chewy. I added some lemon oil (not extract) that I got from Gourmet Warehouse and it just lifts the flavour of it all. I don’t know if I can bear to part with this one to my co-workers…I’ll have to make another one! Recipe taken from Smitten Kitchen here: http://smittenkitchen.com/2009/03/cream-cheese-pound-cake-strawberry-coulis/ 


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