Tidying up


We’ve spent the last month cleaning up Ryan’s place, painting, removing clutter and moving some things into my new apartment. I bought this island/bar at Pottery Barn this past weekend. It was on sale for %20 off because it was their display model. I also found out from Kari that they give you a one-time %10 moving discount if you can show you’ve moved! I went to Pottery Barn looking for some pillows and sheets and ended up getting that and more! I also bought a big beautiful sectional lamp for my new place as well. Did you know Pottery Barn is under the same umbrella as Williams-Sonoma? No wonder I’m smitten with everything in the store. I love this place. I want everything in it, which means I should probably stay away from it. 
Their beautiful throw pillows are on sale for %20 off too. I got a pair of coral embroidered ones to brighten up the couch. It really pops out in the photo. Go check it out and please bring me along? I can hear Ryan groaning in agony already. Look at how different our apartment looks now though with the new floors, painted and higher baseboards and accent pieces (rug and 2 pillows). 


I’ve also been playing around with Ying’s wide-angle lens. I don’t think I’m going to return it to him – Sorry Ying. I love the photos that turn out. Not great for photographing people but the landscapes…ohhhhh the landscapes! I took a ride on the aquabus today and took some shots on my walk home from the Yaletown dock. 

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