Wide angle lens and what the park must look like from Vern’s perspective.

We were playing around with Ying’s wide-angle lens today and I thought I’d share a comparison photo. This first set of photos was taken from my Nikon D7000 with the ‘regular’ lens (18-105mm). Notice how the park doesn’t seem too far away from where I am standing to the end (yellow chairs)?

Now lets look at it through a wide angle lens, or Vern the dog’s perspective =) 

Pretty far isn’t it? Not easy for a 14lb dog with short legs. He makes due though! 


Ryan took the rest of these shots on our way home. The rain cleared up this afternoon nicely. Notice how long this stretch of seawall seems to be by looking at the railings? Those of you familiar with the area will be able to tell. The wide angle lens really stretches things out and makes things appear farther than they really are. 

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