April showers, bring May flowers…


Spring is in full bloom and summer is fast approaching. Ryan was out of town for 3 weeks and left me at home to a renovation mess. Living through a renovation however small or large is not easy.  I vacuumed almost every day and dust and dirt still seemed to accumulate everywhere. The day I was to pick Ryan up from the airport I received something in the mail: Flowers! It was a very sweet gesture with a very sweet note inside.
Speaking of flowers, now that I am taking more photos with my new camera I am noticing the beauty in nature. I love taking photos of flowers and landscapes. They’re so naturally stunning. Here are some flower shots and Barnet Marine Park.


I also got the keys to my new place a week ago and will slowly be moving my things from Yaletown over to Coal Harbour. My work commute will go from 20 minutes to 7 minutes by foot. Score! Here are some photos of the place. It’s an open floor plan which means no bedrooms, rather a raised area for the bed. It’s got a nice view of the water, marina and park out ahead. The ceilings are also 10 feet making it feel really nice and spacious. I actually applied for a unit a few floors down and didn’t get it, so spent weeks looking for the exact same unit again because I was so smitten with the location and floor plan. I ended up finding this suite a few floors higher with the exact same floor plan for less.  


Gourmet W
arehouse had their annual sale last Saturday. I think I spent $400 but the best purchase was their display model Nespresso machine for $89 (normally $250-$300). The pods work out to about 60 cents each. 


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