A Happy Birthday


For my birthday Ryan had planned on surprising me with dim sum in Richmond with Ben and Mayu. Ben called Ryan in the morning to cancel with the best possible reason: they had a baby girl! She’s so cute and tiny. Look at how small she is next to Ben’s fingers! We went to the hospital to visit them instead of lunch and spent some time with their new little (5lbs!) bundle of joy. We headed over to Richmond afterwards to pick up a cake Ben and Mayu had ordered for us but couldn’t pick up. As well, to my surprise, they gave me a pretty little pen from Tiffanys. Thanks so much guys! I can’t wait to see you guys again out of the hospital!


That evening we decided to go to Oru at Fairmont Pacific Rim for dinner. Ryan put on a shirt and tie for my birthday which is a super rare occurance. He’s normally out of town on business if he’s wearing anything close to a shirt and tie. I had to hold up a how-to printout on how to tie a windsor knot for him. It was cute and comical at the same time. 


The next day, we went for Sunday brunch at the Fairmont Pacific Rim again. They had a buffet on for Easter and it was quite the spread. We were joined by Wade, Amanda, Ryan’s mom- Kathy and her husband Troy. There was a huge dessert buffet close to the size of the food bar complete with a pink chocolate fountain! Service and food was great. I’ll definitely be back soon for brunch. 


Afterwards we went back to our place to admire the hardwood floors and get input on whether or not we needed to paint the walls. Fortunately it was decided the walls were fine which means I don’t have to spend the next few weeks with furniture all over the place. Kathy and Troy surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers as well. The tiger lilies smell so good. We went to Abbotsford that evening for Easter dinner with Ryan’s dad and brought my dad and nephew along. My dad gave me a beautiful little orchid plant which is sitting on the windowsill and my little sister gave me a necklace. As you can see, a memorable birthday was had. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes and unexpected gifts!


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