We love our dog

Someone called him regal on the beach the other day. He gets such nice compliments that dog.


Did you know he also catches mice? Ferocious guy he is. 



He once wrestled a bear with his bare paws and he’s got a bear claw around his neck to prove it too

Oops how did that get in there?


 “You’re not posting this on your blog May are you?”


Ryan drew a picture of me the other day. 


This is my work station. 


Ryan stands by the dresser and works there. He also found a space for the dog too.

This is the master bath. And the dog looking very curious.
Here we are pretending to be the dog. He doesn’t like us making fun of his underbite.
We love him.


2 thoughts on “We love our dog

  1. May, I just looked through your entire blog looking for a picture of Vern with his collar and tie on but couldn’t find one. I thought for sure you would have had one of up! I apologize if I just missed it.

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