The morning ritual

We discovered one morning, while walking the dog through the hotel lobby, that there was free coffee for the guests every morning until 10am. Naturally this excited Ryan because a cup of coffee here costs $5 CI which is $6.25 USD FOR A PLAIN COFFEE! Every morning he goes over to the hotel side from where we are staying in the residence tower. It’s about a 7 minute walk. We walk the dog over to the great lawn or the front lobby in the morning as part of our ritual.
This is the view from the beginning of the hotel where we enter. Then through the long hallway to get to the other side. They have nice art that changes on a regular basis. The long hallway is actually an overpass because the resort is divided by a road that separates the beach side from the resort side.
This is where Ryan gets his coffee in the front hotel lobby lounge. He’s sitting here waiting for me so that I can take a photo of the resort side swimming pool (there is a beach side swimming pool too but I havn’t had a chance to capture that).

After we get Ryan’s coffee we go downstairs to where the above pool is, across another hallway to the Great Lawn. I took a photo of Eric Ripert’s Blue restaurant as well. It’s a 5 diamond seafood restaurant and it has some exquisite food. But it’ll cost you dearly.

This is the great lawn. They have free yoga and pilates classes on the lawn here daily. But the lawn is mostly empty except for the occasional private function. The dog has the lawn all for himself most of the time. Luxurious
isn’t it? I don’t know how Vern is going to learn to share his green space once he gets back to Vancouver!

 This is the Silver Rain La Prarie Spa. The gym and the spa whirlpool/steamroom/sauna is free for guests and residents. I used it a lot, especially the free La Prarie moisturizers ;). 

Pretty chandelier to distract you up the stairs to Tiffany’s
And the front hotel entrance to finish things off.

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