Tour of the Ritz and Camana Bay


I thought I’d share some photos of the scenery down here. This first one was from Wade and Amanda’s camera. It’s the front entryway into the Ritz hotel.


These are some shots from the new condo development and shopping area Camana Bay. There’s a beautiful mural all along this winding staircase to a lookout point of the island. There is also a nice canal in the back.
This is a photo from Georgetown looking out on to where the cruise ships dock. I didn’t actually get a photo of Georgetown so I’ll have to try and get some the next few weeks.
And here are some more photos of the Ritz. This first one is of the super long hallway in the Residences side where we live. Next to the elevator to the resort side is a nice view of the water. The next photo is the hallway from the hotel lobby leading to the beach side. And then the hallway that leads to Tiffany’s inside the hotel.The end photo is of the dog inspecting the cleanliness of the marble. He found a beef bone in the bushes the other day and helped the groundsmen clean it up much to his owners disliking. Which reminds me, after being here for a month I can confirm that Vern is the only dog in residence at the hotel. He enjoys that luxury along with the pets and adoration that come with a captive audience. It helps that he’s pretty cute too.

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