For Wade and Amanda’s last night in Cayman we decided to go to Pappagallos for dinner. We hopped into our little sub-compact Daihatsu “Sirloin” and drove over to West Bay. The restaurant was very busy but we still had excellent service. It’s my favourite restaurant on the island.  

My favourite dish is the Lobster and Shrimp Buba which has fresh pasta and “frazzled leeks” which taste like onion straws. The whole thing is tossed in a champagne cream sauce. Yum… Wade had the filet mignion with gorgonzola cheese on top. And for dessert, we had key lime tart and tiramisu. 


Here’s a photo of Amanda and Wade at dinner. 

Pappagallo means parrot in Italian. There’s a resident parrot there named Humphrey Bogart and we managed to get some photos of him on Wade’s shoulder and Ryan’s arm. 


After dinner, and half a bottle of limoncello between the guys, we headed over to Calico Jacks. 






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