Stingray City


Stingray City is a sandbar in Grand Cayman and is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. The water is about 4-5 feet deep and is full of docile stingrays who come to interact with the stingrays. A lot of them are so used to the tours that they actually come when they hear the motor of the boats as many tours come with bibs full of squid to feed the stingrays. You can get to the sandbar by wave runners or boat. I went on this last year on wave runners and decided that jumping waves was just not my thing so passed up on going this year. The guys, Ryan, Wade and Ying, went while Amanda and I opted out. Here are some shots taken by Wade. 


 Above is the canal leading out to the open water 

Here’s Wade (and Ryan in the back).

Ying getting ready to pick up a stingray (and kiss it!). You can see the stingrays in the water underneath him.


 Ryan being Ryan.


 And the guys.








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