Ritz-Carlton Champagne Brunch

After many weeks of delay we finally made reservations to the Ritz-Carlton’s infamous Sunday brunch. It’s $75/person for brunch or $100/person USD with unlimited free-flowing champagne. The guy at the sushi station and dessert station were asking me what kind of camera I had and telling me about theirs except it felt like they were speaking alien. D7000 this, D9000 that…I’m going to need to pick up some pro-photography lingo if I’m going to be part of this discourse community. Anyways, on to the food porn  here to see!

There were food stations all along the perimeter of the restaurant ranging from lamb chops, prime rib, fish, sushi, roast duck and omelettes. Of course there was also the dessert which I ensured to chronicle in detail. I was pretty excited when I found out about the dim sum station a few weeks ago and it was pretty much the only reason why I wanted to go. Unfortunately it wasn’t very good but I was pleasantly surprised with everything else! There was a caviar station, smoked fish, prime rib carvery, a very lonely but expanse bread/cracker and cheese station, and a long shellfish bar with mussels, oysters, ceviches, shrimp and crab claws. Oh and a peking duck station where they were pre-rolled and ready to go.

Dessert anyone? 


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