A lot of photos


This is the view from our apartment. Except most of the time we’re in front of our computers working. It’s taken over our mornings, afternoons and even dinnertimes. Ryan’s the worst, his laptop has a place at the dinner table. Even Vern’s working now.


Wade and Amanda on the other hand are making full use of the Ritz and the amenities. Here they are kayaking


Wade, being the realtor he is, also took photos of our place as I’ve neglected to get to that.


I made ham for dinner tonight. I took photos for you guys (Ben and Mayu). I will have to re-create it when I get back. Note the dog in the corner of the photo eyeing a piece of ham.


And finally, here are some shots Ryan and Wade took last night using my camera. Ryan used a super long exposure to get these pretty shots of the Ritz in the evening. He also drew his name with a flashlight but forgot it was backwards to the camera…so I got Ying to flip it on his computer. Happy Friday!


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