Ying in Cayman (and some beach photos)


Ying is here. He came down the other day for a couple of weeks and managed to finally peel himself away from his computer to come swimming. A little bit about the Yingster: I met him in 2006 when we both joined a dragonboat paddling team. He didn’t want to join this new team alone so he dragged along his buddy – Ryan! By the end of the season, you guessed it, Ryan and I were dating. So we have Ying to thank for introducing us. He and Ryan both went to SFU together and studied computing science but it was mountain biking and snowboarding that they did together. Ying lives dangerously. He likes fast cars and fast women and even faster motorcycles. I think he’s got an obsession with having excessive horsepower between his legs because he’s always on his Ducati when Ryan tries to call him. Ohh Ying…


Ying’s also teaching me how to operate my new camera. Here are some shots of the beach.

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