7 Mile Beach

We are staying at the Regal Beach Condos ( http://www.7milebeachcondo.com/ ) on 7 Mile Beach which makes it awfully convenient for us to take the dog out on walks daily. He’s growing accustomed to swimming everyday now and by the time he’s done, he’s covered in sand which is a pain in the butt to wash off. So much so that we had to get him shaved which makes the sand come off easier. We have a little surf board that we put him on as well so that we can swim while he sits and navigates. Photos are courtesy of Ryan’s mom Kathy. Thanks grand-pup-ma!


2 thoughts on “7 Mile Beach

  1. Great photos! Vern is so cute in the water with his tail sticking up, like a doggy submarine!Ema saw the photos and was excited to see Vern.

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