Settling in to 7 Mile Beach


We’ve made about 3 trips to the grocery store since arriving to load up on essentials and each trip has cost about $100 USD each time for about 2-3 bagfuls of groceries. It’s not cheap down here as everything is imported by container ship from Florida. Perishables such as produce and dairy especially is not cheap. A red bell pepper for example was $5/lb (green was $1.29). As a result of the food being brought in by container ship, fresh produce is not so fresh and meat is still frozen when put on display. I have enjoyed exploring the islands grocery stores though. Ryan dropped me off at the Kirk supermarket for an hour to wander around. I gather there are a lot of Brits, Jamaicans and Filipinos on the island due to the fact that there are sections in the market specifically carrying their goods. Lumpia wrappers and steamed buns for the Filipinos; Marmite, haggis and meat pies for the Brits; Sorrel, Jamaican Patties and other tasty foods for the rest. 



The dog is thoroughly enjoying the caribbean and has decided he’s an outside dog for the duration of our stay. Ryan works outside on the patio and Vern sunbathes on the chaise lounge chair.


We are enjoying our favourite past time of napping together as well. Our 2 bedroom condo for this month is right next to the Marriott which means it’s conveniently located drink bar is a hop, skip and jump from us should we require our fix of margaritas, pina coladas and daquaris.


2 thoughts on “Settling in to 7 Mile Beach

  1. I’m glad you found my blog too! That’s so fun that you are doing a 2.5 month test stay. Your place looks beautiful! I hope you are having an awesome time. Let me know if you have any questions I can help with as you get settled in. 🙂 Katie

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