Krause Berry Farms in Langley, BC

A few summers ago I went on a Circle Farm Tour of Langley which is a self-guided tour of cheese shops, wineries and fruit stands ( ). One of the places we stopped at was Krause Berry Farms which serves as a u-pick stand and tourist spot. It has a beautiful porch that serves fresh fruit pies, fresh strawberry shortcakes, corn chowder and best of all, corn pizza! I totally forgot about it until yesterday when we went over to Ben and Mayu’s for dinner. They bought a quart of corn chowder and having it reminded me of Krause

We went to Langley today to pick up some of their goods and here are some photos. They sell frozen pies, fruit perogies, frozen fruit (5lb of frozen raspberries was about $16). More importantly, I was there for their pre-made, frozen corn pizza. It uses a pie crust instead of a pizza crust and is topped like a pie to the brim with corn, bell peppers, asparagus, onions and cheese. Delicious. It’s a good destination farm because of the size of the store which carries everything from baked goods, jams, frozen berries/pies, gift baskets, honey, candles and other heart-warming country gifts (oh and fresh cut Christmas trees too). Go check it out! And get a milkshake too!


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